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2013-01-29 – Mr Rabbit Enjoys The Danish Countryside


“I’m loving all this open space!” – Mr Rabbit at Hermit Studio

2013-01-28 – Mr Rabbit Backtracks In The Snow!


“You never know, those hunters might be out. Got to be careful.” – Mr Rabbit In The Snow For The First Time! We used the Canon for the first time instead of the iPhone.

Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure Arrives at Hermit Studio, Denmark


If some of you have been following Mr Rabbit’s Big Adventure on Google+, then you will be pleased to know Mr Rabbit arrived safe and well yesterday in Denmark at Hermit Studio. This is a #CreativeProject366 where people “take on the challenge of creating / recording something creative every single day”. However this is a shared project where each person in a list gets some time with Mr Rabbit to continue the daily record before sending him off again to a new location somewhere around the world…