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2013-06-29 – #Caturday: Outsider


“Black cat sleeping on a wooden floor, head and shoulders in a pool of sunlight, half hidden in shadows.”  Photograph by Niamh Brown, Post-Processing by Ted Ewen Visit our Caturday Page for more…… Continue reading

How To Train A Feral Cat To Come Inside Your Home (Now That Winter Is On The Way)


In the last week the weather has taken a turn for the worse and winter is settling in. We can tell the cold is now getting to him because he came to our house 5 days in a row. Sometimes he would hover outside, not sure whether to come in or not. He would sit up on a fallen bird-box to keep his paws off the cold stone patio. He even figured out the cat flap twice when we found him inside the house when it was closed up…