We at Hermit Studio have taken many pictures over the years of our cat Pusama (black) and our resident feral Buddy (ginger). To try and encourage us to post each Saturday we have set up this #Caturday page to collect the photographs we have already done, as well as those we do in the future. The images currently link to the Google+ public posts they were published in, but at some point in the future we intend to do a collection of Caturday gifts and prints.

Last Updated: 2013-07-13

2013-07-13 Caturday - Cat Cave

2013-07-13 Cat Cave

Outsider by Hermit Studio Photography - Black cat sleeping on a wooden floor, head and shoulders in a pool of sunlight, half hidden in shadows.

2013-06-29 Outsiders

2013-06-22 Caturday Garden Guardian

2013-06-22 Garden Guardian

Window Shopping

2013-06-01 Window Shopping

This is my space now 2

2013-05-25 This is my space now 2

This is My Space Now 1

2013-05-25 This is My Space Now 1

#Caturday Belly Scratch

2013-05-18 Belly Scratch

Sun Spot Kitteh by Hermit Studio Photography

2013-05-04 Sun Spot Kitteh

2013-04-27 Caturday Time For Bed

2013-04-27 Time For Bed

#Caturday - Close Up by Hermit Studio Photography

2013-03-28 Close Up
Almost Through The Door 2

2012-10-27 Almost Through The Door 2

Almost Through The Door

2012-10-27 Almost Through The Door 1

Guarding the Sunflowers

2012-10-26 Guarding the Sunflowers

Hello Buddy by Hermit Studio Photography

2012-07-23 Hello Buddy

2012-07-14 Caturday Punk Lives On!

2012-07-14 Punk Lives On!

Prowling Pusama by Hermit Studio Photography

2012-06-28 Prowling Pusama

2012-06-21 Caturday On The Fence

2012-06-21 On The Fence

#Caturday - Mouse Mountain by Hermit Studio Photography

2012-04-01 Mouse Mountain

Birdhouse is the New Treehouse by Hermit Studio Photography

2011-06-20 Bird-house is the New Tree-house

#Caturday - Go Kitty - by Hermit Studio Photography

2010-10-04 Go Kitty