Hermit Studio Photography is a project division within Hermit Studio, housed in the countryside at Hermit House, outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on the creative arts. We believe that photography, writing, the graphic arts, gaming, music and the interplay between them are the primary tools which allow us to tell our stories, and by telling them to affect the changes we want and need in the world around us.

We mostly specialise in nature, landscape, and wildlife photography, sharing the wonder we see around us everyday. We believe with a passion that everyone deserves a magic window into a world of beauty and peace, no matter where they live or work.

…and remember: Whenever you Donate to us or buy one of our products know you aren’t just making our day, you are also helping us reach our goal: to Empower People To Change The World From Home through The Hermit Studios project. Therefore you are also helping us help the world whenever you support our work.

We believe every share, comment and penny counts when it comes to making the world a better place, which is why we are doing our bit by getting The Hermit Studio project up and running in the first place. So to those who choose to support us at this early stage, no matter how small the gesture, we salute you; it’s people like you that already make the world a brighter place to be in anyway 😀

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