Sunflowers Going To Seed


It’s been a while since we did an update on The Sunflower Project as we have had to spend much time on the Business Setup recently and harvesting the apples etc. We still have way too much fruit than we know what to deal with, but the allotment is finally removed of everything BUT the sunflowers now. Most of them have gone to seed and we took a last round of sunflower photos today. Now we are only hoping for the ever elusive “Bird Pecking At Sunflower Seed Head” shot. It has been proving a difficult shot much like the Red Squirrel Incident (when we had tried for so long to get a shot of him and then finally one day he came out and posed for us). Fingers crossed we get that lucky this time; it would be a nice way to close this seasons’ photographic chapter.

The Sunflower Project has been a huge success for the wildlife that the studio supports. Next year we already plan to plant a lot more sunflower and wildflower to help increase the insect/bee/bird & bat populations here. We love the fact that so many critters have found a home here just by letting the garden go wild. We have seen a increase in the local Magpie, Sparrow, Great Tit and even Barn Swallow numbers to name but a few bird species. It will also be interesting to see how many “rouge” sunflowers crop up next year due to the birds feasting on the seed heads!

What kind of local birds do you get in your area? Did you grow sunflowers this year? If so let us know how it went below (and shows us your pics!)