Monthly Archive: October, 2012

How To Train A Feral Cat To Come Inside Your Home (Now That Winter Is On The Way)


In the last week the weather has taken a turn for the worse and winter is settling in. We can tell the cold is now getting to him because he came to our house 5 days in a row. Sometimes he would hover outside, not sure whether to come in or not. He would sit up on a fallen bird-box to keep his paws off the cold stone patio. He even figured out the cat flap twice when we found him inside the house when it was closed up…

Sunflowers Going To Seed


It’s been a while since we did an update on The Sunflower Project as we have had to spend much time on the Business Setup recently and harvesting the apples etc. We still have way too much fruit than we know what to deal with, but the allotment is finally removed of everything BUT the sunflowers now. Most of them have gone to seed and we took a last round of sunflower photos today…