Sunflowers and Scaredy Cats

The Sunflower Project at Hermit Studio Photography

This past Monday was the first real day of summer after we had acquired a set of nice padded sunchairs for the studio garden. We spent most of the day outside and during this time we found that some of the Sunflowers for our gardening project were starting to form flower heads at last and inter-nodel branches were starting to form as well. These are a few pictures we took as we were enjoying the day.



However towards the end of the day we had an unexpected visitor to the household. A very timid white and ginger cat had followed our cat Pusama into the studio (see more pictures of Pusama here by +Ted Ewen and here by +Niamh Brown) We endded up spending most of the rest of the day enticing him to coming closer with chunks of tuna. He was so scared he was trembling and had to hide behind a pile of wood to feel safe alot of the time, but we kept laying out food for him in dishes on the ground like breadcrumbs and eventully he came into our back yard and has come back several times since then. He is still very timid and Ted only managed to touch his ear so far, but it maybe we have another addition coming into the family! He appears to have no registration tattoos in his ear or a collar and he may even be feral by the way he is acting.

(Click image to see a couple more picture of him)

Pusama was also a stray although she was house trained at some point in her past and she has been doing her best to bring him in and make him welcome. It’s nice to know that we might be able to give a scaredy cat a home. I always love watching animals going from fear to love as we slowly become pack 🙂

For more on this story see this Google+ post by +Ted Ewen

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