First Deviant Art Submission: Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages by Hermit Studio at Deviant Art

Although we have a huge backlog of images in our Archives which we plan to work our way through, most of our photography has been done in the last couple of years, even though we have been shooting pictures for alot longer than that. The main inspiration of late has been the location of our studio. We have a different panoramic sunset every night and a magic window where even from our computer desk we have seen metiorites, hawks, barn swallows, sparrows, magpies, seagulls, geese, owls, wood pidgeons, bats and various crows and tits to name a few of the awe inspiring things we have been blessed enough to witness here in this corner of paridise in the Danish countryside.

Our first submission to Deviant Art (of what we hope to be many) is a recent panoramic of the field surrounding the studio. We have combined a HDR version covering the fields and the original panoramic sky of a non HDR version. Hence the title ‘Mixed Messages’ as the picture is a combination of the best of the two versions (after putting it to debate at G+). This is our first real play with HDR in one of our photographs, as we know it can be a very over used tool sometimes, particularly for clouds and skyscapes. We hope you find the balance works as much for you as it does for us.

In fact we liked it so much we have added it above as our current banner 🙂

Mixed Messages by Hermit Studio at Deviant Art