Flight of The Swallows


Today we had a very unexepected but not unwelcome visit by a flight of 6 barn swallows, comprised of we believe two adults and the rest juveniles still in their downy feathers. They arrived not long after we had woken up and spent maybe 6 hours photographing them in our garden and over the fields surrounding the studio.

One of us was even able to slowly creep up on one of the younger swallows sitting on the washing line and got within arms length of it. They were incredibly tolerant of our prescence and were not scared in the slightest. They flew a couple of times over our heads and came pretty close to us.

We have taken litereally hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs over the course of the day as they fly so incredibly fast that you just have to use continuous shotting, point the camera and pray some turn out ok. So we will be a little while processing them all but here is a little taster of what is to come.

Hermit Studio