The Sunflower Project


A few weeks ago we sprouted 3 different varieties of sunflower seeds: Røde Nuancer, Velvet Queen (that did really well), Moulin Rouge (that moulded and didn’t do so well). We potted the plants a few weeks ago but today we finished tilling the back lawn to make way for a new allotment. We plan to also plant some common garden herbs like parsley, basil and the like as well.

We have lined the outline of the sunflowers before the sunset so tomrrow we shall take some more ‘before’ pictures but for now this is the allotment we just dug out. The tuft of grass in the middle is an ant conlony…

We plan that once the sunflowers are in full bloom we shall being doing a sunflower photobook project and the sunflower seeds will be good for next year and the birds always appreicate them 🙂

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Hermit Studio Photography